About Us

Lana DeCosimo founded Display Attic in 1996 in Toronto. News spread quickly of her fashion-forward window displays, and within a year, she entered the world of upscale shopping centers, designing award-winning displays. The firm has partnered with the most talented design conceptualists in window display, merchandising, fashion display and event/set design. Twenty years later, Display Attic has mastered the art of skillfully assisting clients in developing projects from concept to completion, and Lana speaks on how business owners can do the same themselves. Whether you are an established retailer or a new business, Lana’s guidelines remain the same, “Entrepreneurial spirit + thinking outside the box + humor = success.” You have 3.5 seconds to spark the interest of a passerby. Lana will teach you how to get them through your door.

Lana DeCosimo